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Linda has been an enormous help to us over several years, initially helping me at home with my new-born and 3-year-old, and as my children have grown, the support she provides has evolved. During a period of medium-term illness Linda was completely invaluable, driving the children and me around and accompanying us whenever I needed help. Later when I broke my wrist and was unable to drive or do various other tasks (wiping children’s bottoms and chopping vegetables spring to mind!), she leapt into action as my chauffer and spare pair of hands as well as helping with childcare. Linda has always been keen to help whenever she can, and is reliable and flexible, somehow fitting in all the help I ask for. Furthermore, she frequently surprises and delights me by noticing things that need doing in the house and magically getting them done without being asked!

Linda has also provided friendship and emotional support when I have needed them, and I am very pleased to call her a friend as well as a brilliant doula. We still enjoy her support, most often nowadays as babysitter, when she will arrive in the early evening and cheerfully get the children bathed and into bed and asleep with no tantrums (far more than we can usually achieve!) My children adore her and always look forward to her visits – as do I, both for the support she provides and because she is a lovely person and I enjoy seeing her.  Linda is vastly experienced, always positive, endlessly capable, intuitive, proactive, lively and energetic and brilliant with little ones, and I would heartily recommend her to other parents. Amanda Williams, March 2013


We asked Linda Hobbs to be our post-natal doula to coincide with the birth of my second child. She very quickly created a calming and secure environment. She was wonderful with my 18 month old daughter who I was worried would feel jealous with the birth of her new little sister and I therefore felt totally happy and guilt free to devote some time to my new born. Having Linda with us before and after the birth was like having a close family member but without the emotional baggage! She had suggestions if I had any concerns about the baby, ensured I got some much needed rest, helped out around the house (often just getting on with things even without being asked which was truly amazing) and enabled my husband to enjoy the whole process much more than the first time. If we ever went on to have a third we would definitely want Linda as our doula again. I can wholeheartedly recommend her. Sorrel Bradley, Sept 2011


Linda first came to work for us in April 2009 as a doula when our twins were 2 months old. She helped us for a day a week for about four months. We were so impressed by her that, when we needed a nanny for six months between my return to work and nursery places becoming available, we asked her to help us again. We were in a real fix and she rescued us.

She has acted as our nanny for two days a week between March and September 2010. Her role has involved looking after our two daughters in our home and taking them to a music group once a week. She has fed them lunch and breakfast and generally cared for them and entertained them.

Linda is extremely capable. She is intelligent and thoughtful. She settled in quickly and the girls accepted her immediately. Linda did all that we asked her to, including following our routine for the girls. She quickly picked up how we liked things done and the girls’ different needs. She only needs to be shown anything once and then always does it right. She looked after the girls’ clothes and toys. She always used her initiative and regularly did things without being asked e.g. checking whether the washing was dry and putting it away so we didn’t have to when we got home from work. We would often come home to a cleaner tidier house than the one we had left!

Linda read to the girls, played with them and taught them words and phrases. She was always kind and gentle with them and listened to them. She helped teach them to feed themselves, clean their hands and faces and say please and thank you. They always looked pleased to see her when she arrived and they enjoyed giving her cuddles. We often heard them laughing with Linda as we left the house.

Linda was very good at telling us how the girls had been in the day and suggesting if anything was out of the ordinary. She was also very good at giving advice based on her years of childcare experience if we asked her, but would not thrust her opinions on us or lecture us. On several occasions we observed the way Linda did something and adopted it ourselves.

Linda has many years of childcare experience as a nanny, childminder and doula. She obviously keeps up with childcare issues. We could feel confident that she would know how to deal with our girls if they were ill or going through a difficult stage.

Recently Linda has helped settle the girls in at their new nursery and has been incredible flexible to make the process as smooth as possible.

We have no hesitation in recommending Linda as a nanny. We were very happy to leave our precious daughters with her and had total peace of mind leaving them with her and trust in her abilities. Victoria Thompson, September 2010

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