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Una O’Grady – (July 2001)

A screaming baby, a half-eaten apple, cold coffee and an inedible meal … it couldn’t happen, but it did, in the postnatal Twilight Zone

Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? Where is my brain? These are cries for help you will become familiar with once your wee bundle ‘appears’. Natural, caesarian, quick, slow, trouble-free or not, whatever you choose or experience, giving birth is only the start. You’ll soon realise that you need SUPPORT! – and that’s what this reference is all about.

Linda Hobbs is a ‘doula’. This means she ‘mothers the mother’. Now, not only does she mother the (sometimes desperate) mother – she listens!

You need someone to do that when you have a newborn baby. You need uncomplicated support. Someone who doesn’t judge you. Someone batting for your team.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful your husband is, how nice your family are or how close you are to your own mother, they can’t always be there and you are going to feel lonely, hungry and inadequate at times. Linda cooks, cleans, counsels, screens incessant phone calls with the professionalism of an executive assistant, does the washing, makes you laugh, cuddles the baby AND changes nappies.

And you get all that for a very reasonable fee – but it’s worth much, much more. Why? Not just because it’s done, but becuase it’s done without question (and without those immortal words from mother/mother-in-law/sibling/friendly/lady at the post office counter: “Ohhhhhhh, I wouldn’t do it that way if I were you”).

So when your baby screams at the top of its lungs and you can’t find the half-eaten apple that you left there just the night before while you attempt the umpteenth breast-feed, call Linda Hobbs. She’ll find your apple, make you a nice healthy snack and a cup of tea and talk about it.

Aaaaaaaaah, bliss.

Una O’Grady
July 2001

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